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AMBIENT Hostel & Apartments - Keszthely
Sopron street (utca) 10.

Phone: +3630/460 35 36

If you are travelling by bus/train:

The hostel is a 25 minutes walk away from the train-/bus station. - From the station go along the slightly rising Mártírok útja (Street) to the Kossuth Lajos Street. ( It will be a T intersection). Turn right here and continue always straight on through the Walking Street and through the Castle garden. At the other end of the garden is the Sopron Street.

You can also choose to call a taxi. Phone Nr: +3683 333 666. It costs ~1800 HUF.

The third possibility is to catch the City bus (1,2,4,5,70) until Bástya utca. The Ambient Guesthouse-Hostel in the Sopron utca, is a 5 minutes walk away from the bus stop. (Go along the „Bastya utca” ~200m, then turn left in the „Sopron utca”. You can find our Hostel after ~20M.)

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